Air Condition Service

Vehicle Air Conditioning Maintenance

With summers getting hotter and more humid, ensuring your Air Con system is performing correctly is vital. Manufacturers recommend you service your Air Con and replace the pollen filter every 2 years at a minimum. Doing so will ensure you stay cool and comfortable no matter how short or long your journey. Don't forget that the Air Con system plays a vital role in demisting your windows. Even in winter your car will activate the Air Con to demist your car.

Air Con Service

Our Air Con Service uses the latest equipment and all the correct oils to service your vehicle. These are some of the items included in an Air Con Service:

  • • Remove all the old air con gas
  • • Remove any moisture in the Air Con System which can decrease performance
  • • Perform a vacuum leak test
  • • Add PAG Oil to lubricate the Air Con Pump
  • • Add UV Dye so that if there are any leaks in the future they are easily traceable
  • • Add new air con gas to the correct level
  • • Check the condition of your pollen filter, and replace if needed (extra charges apply)
  • • Check performance of system

Air Con Repair

If you vehicle Air Con does not work, we can fault find and repair the system. Using UV Dye, Oxygen free Nitrogen and leak detectors we can find leaking pipes or Air Con Radiators (Condensers). Also using the latest Diagnostics and Auto data information we can test Air Con sensors, actuators and the wiring.

Air Con Cleaner

Inside the vehicle, the Air Con Pipes connect to a heat exchanger, known as an Evaporator. These can build up with moisture and attract bacteria to build up which can cause an unpleasant smell. An Air Con Cleaner is a quick and affordable solution to cleaning the evaporator from bacteria and leaving your car smelling fresh.